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Coach Spotlight – Jen DeSalvo, a Girl on the Run

Thanks, Girls on the Run Chicago, for having me! I absolutely love being a Girls on the Run Coach, and in the story linked below, I talk all about it!

Running has always been something that I enjoy doing. It is one of the only activities where a person can set his or her own goals and achieve them without having to rely on anybody but one’s self.


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On “Crazy” Runners

This morning, it happened again. The personality filling in for the usual host on the radio show that I am a part of tells me that I am “crazy.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you are nuts? While you are running do you think about how nuts you are?”

The only thing I could think to say was, “nope.” What good does it do?

I remembered Mara’s post from about six months ago, so I wanted to share it again. It’s a great read!

I Run This Mind

Something I’ve often found ironic is when people hear how many miles I’ve run and how many I plan to run, how many marathons and ultramarathons I still want to get under my belt, they often tell me I’m “crazy.”

Sometimes I think:

“If only you knew!”

But in all seriousness, there are two reasons why these kinds of statements irk me.

One: they invalidate the work that I’m doing as a runner. They diminish it.

Now I know, I know, that I “shouldn’t” need the external validation of others to run. And I don’t. But these statements do something else to me.

When I hear that I’m “crazy” for running, I also hear that I shouldn’t be doing it, that it’s a worthless endeavor, that there is something fundamentally wrong with me for pushing through “insane” amounts of miles.

Ah, such is the nature of the depressed mind. I’m…

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Chicago Marathon 2015 – Coaching with Team In Training

I’ve been getting lots of questions of whether or not I “ran” the marathon. I ran, I walked, I did about 85 high kicks (that is not an exaggeration…possibly an under-estimate). Yes, I was official. I didn’t do 26.2 miles, though. I did 30 miles.

It wasn’t about my time or my race this year. It was about the members who fundraised over $900,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by running with it’s endurance program, Team In Training. Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2015 – Coaching with Team In Training

What is with the purple hair, Jen?

A few months ago, I decided that I needed a change…a big one.

Now, typically I would make drastic changes in my life when something is wrong.

Can’t breathe? Start running.

Chest Pains? Lose weight.

Feel like one of those corporate ghoulish creatures pretending to be humans in the movie They Live? Quit my job.
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The Turmeric Trick

I realized recently that maybe I do know a thing or two about this distance running thing.

I mean, I’ve been participating in marathons and ultra marathons for eight years now, never taking a season off. I’ve fundraised thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program to find a cure for blood cancer through six marathons and some cycle rides. Then add the 20+ ultra marathons of 31+ miles, including the recent 100-mile ultra that I completed a few months ago.

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Nutrition Overview for Distance Running


GUs were the first nutrition that I had ever tried when I began distance running. This type of nutrition is energy in the form of gel, ranging from 80-200 calories per pack based on the brand and ingredients. Technically the first stuff I had ever tried was made by Clif. And possibly had the word “raspberry” in the title. It was pretty awful according to my taste buds, throat and stomach. My personal preference are made by GU brand. Some of these have additional sodium or caffeine, which is something that should be closely looked at when purchasing since everyone’s body reacts differently to these additives.

Visit for  more information and flavors
Visit for more information and flavors

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My First 100 Mile Ultra – Potawatomi 100 Race Report

It was early March in Chicago, and after a short spell of incredible snow, debilitating ice, and bone stiffening cold, we were blessed with a seasonably warm day. I had promised Alfredo that I would take him to his physical therapy appointment that was scheduled on that Tuesday at 2pm. I arrived at his house about 10 minutes before 1pm to help him down the flight of stairs out of his house and into my car. He hadn’t been outside in weeks. It had just been too dangerous for somebody that was heavily feeling the effects of his ALS diagnosis just a few months earlier. He was excited that it was warmer out because his bones and muscles were able to loosen up. He had more mobility than when the weather was dipping below zero.

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