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Lossano and Friends! Takes a Walk with the Women’s March on Chicago

Tony, Jen & Chris walk the Women’s March in Chicago on this special edition of Lossano and Friends!

On the morning of January 21, 2017, thousands of women traveled to the capitol to hold a Women’s March on Washington. In solidarity, events were held all over the globe, including the Women’s March on Chicago.

Following a trying political season with a number of injustices felt by women and minorities, organizers planned to “stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families, recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

As the week went on, the numbers grew for those planning to attend on the event’s Facebook page. From 12,000 in the beginning of the week to nearly 30,000 confirmed on Thursday, the event planners changed the parade route more than once.

On Saturday morning, sources were claiming the totals were more likely to be near 50,000 persons speculated to arrive at Grant Park. As the day went on, news organizations and word-of-mouth discussion amongst marchers talked of growing numbers…


DNAinfo Chicago was reporting by about 1:00 p.m. CST that over 250,000 men, women and children took to the streets of Chicago.

However, an event that was claimed to be possibly the “largest demonstration in U.S. history” was found as little importance to local news networks.


The Washington Post picked up on the fact that media outlets were not giving the events the magnitude of coverage that rally numbers had been producing.

The news source went as far as to call itself out in the article cited above.

The Washington Post devoted numerous stories to the planning and logistics of the march, including one only a week after its inception in November. But it published only one story on its front page. The Jan. 3 story’s headline said it could be “the biggest inauguration demonstration.”

Tony Lossano, Chris Cwiak and I took part in the walk along with Lin Brehmer of WXRT and Lauren O’Neil of WKQX.

Check out the photos below while listening to our experience on this week’s Lossano and Friends!:
Lossano and Friends! – Woman’s March – Radio Misfits


Lossano and Friends! – Season 2, Episode 8

This week on Lossano and Friends, LeeAnn Trotter (NBC Chicago) and Ben Capraro (Comedy Writer/Producer) chat about the local odd stories from the week!

This week on Lossano and Friends, LeeAnn Trotter (NBC Chicago) and Ben Capraro (Comedy Writer/Producer) chat about the local odd stories!

We discuss this week’s The Jender Difference, where I posed the question, “Do women dress for men, or do they dress to impress each other?”

Listen Here:

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Lossano and Friends! – Season 2, Week 7

LAF 111415
Tony Lossano with guest, Rob Hart (WGN Radio) chat about Chicago radio legends, railroads, and glorious man buns! Lossano and Friends!

As Tony Lossano stated post-recording, “Yesterday morning, this was only a funny show. Last night, it turned serious.” Continue reading Lossano and Friends! – Season 2, Week 7

Lossano and Friends! – The Halloween Episode

Tony Lossano welcomes guests Scott Miller (WDRV; WFLD Chicago) and Robyn Lynne Harris (Actor/Writer/Improv and creator of “Date Me”: An OK Cupid Experiment”) as they chat about bungee sex harnesses on tow trucks, award winning facial hair, and the entire crew’s online dating stories.

This week, I’m shocked to find out that “Trunk or Treating” is actually a thing. The concept encourages children to walk from the trunks of car to car in a parking lot, and accept candy from total strangers.

Now I get that the trick or treating thing is a little weird by approaching neighbor’s houses to ask for candy, but I was always taught to stay away from the trunk of a stranger’s car when I was growing up. Do I sound like an old crank yet?

Click on the photo for the link to the article.
Click on the photo for the link to the article.

If you’ve done this “Trunk or Treating” thing, share your photos!

In the meantime, catch Lossano and Friends each week on Stitcher, TuneIn or iTunes!

Source: Lossano and Friends! – 10/31/15 – Radio Misfits

Season Two Premiere of Lossano and Friends

What is Lossano & Friends? Casual, comedic conversations in the back corner of the National Radio Hall of Fame floor within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.
Continue reading Season Two Premiere of Lossano and Friends

Eddie V’s Road Show featuring Jen DeSalvo



Recorded on Wednesday, October 1st, 2015 from Eataly in River North, Chicago.

Ep 30 with guests, 89 WLS’s Jen DeSalvo and the GM of Eataly, Jason Goldsmith about Italy, food, cheese, wine, the return of LAF, Pit Bulls, PAWS, phone call with Producer, Bonnie Sporn about motherhood, Cubs/Sox/Hawks, Illinois Lottery, the Senseless Survey. and much more!

Source: Eddie V’s Road Show – 10/01/15 – Radio Misfits